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A key part of the Pays de la Loire region in Western France, the historic city of Angers is the heartbeat of this successful area where students work alongside developing businesses, where creativity and tradition are equally important, where families have a quality lifestyle and where tourism flourishes. Angers, the 3rd largest city in Western France (after Nantes and Rennes) and the 2nd most important economic centre in the Pays de la Loire region.


Angers, located in the Val de Loire, is part of the third largest wine growing region of France with over 42,000 Ha in production. The vineyards of Anjou and Saumur have 32 AOC labels and include many famous wines such as Savennières AOC, Coteaux de l'Aubance and Anjou-Villages Brissac. Dry and sweet whites, soft and perfumed rosé, fruity and structured reds, plus a variety of sparklings are all found in this region renowned for its microclimate and variety of soils. As a result,  it is the horticultural heartland of France.

UNESCO has recognised it as a World Heritage Site. Angers jealously protects its environment; there is a real pride in both the natural and historical heritage of the area.

Interestingly, the city of Angers is also a centre for innovation and advanced technology. A home to many prominent companies and their research teams. The city is in perpetual motion, developing new and exciting businesses and cultural, academic and tourism projects that ensure that it will never rest on its laurels.

It is also home of many prestigious Engineering and Trade international Schools. Every year over 32,000 students from France and abroad come to study in this beautiful city due to the international teaching courses and the quality of life.

What to see and do in Angers:

Angers has a beautiful medieval city centre and is the First green city in France. You will find a lot of useful information on the Angers tourist office website: https://www.tourisme.destination-angers.com/en.

What we recommend while you are in Angers.

Visit the Castle of Angers:

Discover one of the best preserved medieval fortresses in France.  Angers castle with its emblematic 800 m of castellated enclosure looks as if it is a natural extension of the rocky promontory sitting high above the river Maine. No matter how you approach it, from the river or down one of the ancient cobbled streets, the long windowless walls are accentuated by duotone towers with their ominous configuration of arrow slits, hinting at not only its architectural dominance over the surrounding city but also its majesty and historical importance.


Inside there is an even greater treasure: the literally monumental Apocalypse tapestry. At 103m in length, it is the largest woven work of medieval times. This unique masterpiece illustrates the historical, social and political context of the 14th Century in France – the time of the Hundred Years War, plague and famine.

The Museum of Fine-Arts:

The museum offers two permanent exhibitions: the "Beaux-arts du XIVe au XXIe siècle" (fine art from the 14th - 21st Century, paintings and sculptures) and "Histoire d'Angers", (the history of Angers, archaeology and art objects from the Neolithic period to the present day). A link between the past and the present, it also provides the opportunity to view temporary art and heritage exhibitions. The museum conducts guided tours, writing workshops, student nights and stages many special events.  

The Galerie of David d'Angers:

Since 1984, the restored abbey-church of All Saints (dating from the 13th Century) has housed the works of David d’Angers (1788-1856) including sculptures, commissioned work (the façade of the Pantheon), a gallery of contemporary busts (Balzac, Hugo, and others) and much more.

The St John Hospital and the Museum of modern tapistry:

The museum's collections bring together works of textile art from the 1950s to the contemporary creations. Since 1967, the Hôpital Saint-John (12th Century) has housed the "Chant du Monde" by Jean Lurçat. This manifesto of a politically committed artist is a contemporary echo of the Apocalypse Tapestry; the collection of 10 tapestries produces a symbolic and humanist vision of the 20th Century. A souvenir from the Plantagenet dynasty and The English King Henry II, who was duke of Anjou.



The first European thematic green park: Terra Botanica:

Located on the edge of Angers, it is the first theme park in Europe dedicated to plant life. With 11 hectares of gardens, water features and greenhouses, 275,000 plants, some 40 new attractions added last year and entertainments (4D films, interactive games, crossing a bamboo forest, ascending into the treetops), Terra Botanica offers a whole new approach to the world of plants, taking the visitor on an amazing journey of fun and learning.
Terra Botanica is a trailblazing park, designed in a spirit of respect for the environment, of preservation and of transmission to future generations of our exceptional natural heritage

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