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Often described as a "charming human sized city", its inhabitants pride themselves on Angers' unique ability to cater for the needs of large groups of convention-attendees, while maintaining its touch of local culture and charm. Whether by foot or with the city's ecofriendly public transport, most places and hotels are centrally located within easy travelling distances.

Angers convention Center

The Greensys 2019 symposium will be held at Angers Convention Center which is located 15 minutes by feet away from the railway station in a botanical garden. It was entirely remodeled in 2018 and reopened in May 2019.















How to get to Angers Convention Center?


Click here to reach the Convention Center

Centre des Congrès d'Angers/Convention center
33 boulevard Carnot
49100 ANGERS

To go to the centre des congrès from the train station (SNCF) you have two options:

  • Tramway line A direction Avrillé-Ardennes: station FOCH / Maison Bleue

  • Bus 04 direction "Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou - St Barthélemy": station Les Gares > station Mendès France 













For corporate visitors and larger groups, the city promotes its ecological responsibilities by offering competitive price reductions on public transports to promote green-travel.
See more information about "Angers" public transport web site: http://www.irigo.fr.

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